It doesn’t seem possible that the holiday season is already here — but it is.  Many of us will likely be doing some holiday gift shopping online.  If you plan on doing so, please pay attention to the critical security bulletin Microsoft just released.  Tony Bradley has an excellent, in-depth article providing all of the details you need in order to know why this is so important (see, “Attention shoppers: Patch Internet Explore immediately before you shop online,”, Nov. 19th).

Bottom line?  Microsoft has issued 6 new security bulletins with the most critical for consumers being the cumulative update for Internet Explorer — MS12-07.  Unless you patch before doing online shopping, you could be exposing your personal and financial information to security risks.

It might seem like a burden, but please be pro-active and protect your private information.  The scammers and thieves are all hoping we’re too busy during the busy holiday season to do so.  Don’t make this an easy season for them to “shop” at our expense.