I previously wrote about the disturbing news that employers had begun asking their employees and job applicants for their social media passwords (March 26th blog, ” A New Job or Your Privacy? -A Choice You Could Be Facing”).

The news stories about these practices created understandable outcry and concern.  First Maryland and then Illinois enacted laws making it unlawful for employers to do so.  This is an update to let you know that California just enacted a similar law.

There will be those who say that the practice really wasn’t widespread so there was no need for either the concern or the laws.  In my view, however, there were important individual privacy rights at stake.  So I’ll hope that the actions by these three States sends a message to companies and employers that they should not be asking employees for their personal social media passwords.

Doing so is wrong for many reasons — not the least of which is the irony that we’ve all had the message drilled into us that we should never share passwords with anyone.