Back in July, I wrote two blogs about the ways in which the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is fighting against illegal robocalls.  In my July 13th blog (“Illegal Robocalls: FTC’s “What To Do” Steps”), I highlighted the public meeting the FTC was going to be holding on October 18th.

I want to remind you about this upcoming “Robocall Summit.”  It is open to the public and will draw participants from the law enforcement community, the telemarketing and telecommunications industries, consumer groups and other stakeholders.  The participants will share ways that consumers can protect themselves against illegal robocalls.  The FTC will use the information gathered during the Robocall Summit to develop new strategies to both fight the scammers behind the illegal calls and to continue helping consumers.

This is an important effort as scammers collect untold personal and private information from unsuspecting victims from these calls.

Check the FTC website ( to learn more about the October 18th Robocall Summit.