Scammers know consumers like bargains and especially ones associated with the desirable Apple products.  So they’ve come up one of those “if it’s too good to be true, then it is!” scams.  And this one is for fake Apple Store discount card offers.   Don’t fall for it as you’ll lose precious personal and financial information!

Graham Cluley described the scam in an October 1st article (; “Bogus Apple Store discount card offer attempts to steal users’ identity”).  The phony offer is sent via spam emails that look as if they’re coming from Apple.  The message says the offer’s going to loyal Apple customers.

What’s the deal?  A discount card worth AU $100 which is just over $100 in U.S. currency that can be used in an Apple store.  The spam email says the customer can get this discount card for only AU$9.

Great deal, huh?  Of course — for the scammers.  Why? Because to buy the discount card, the customer has to download and fill in the form that’s attached to the email.  As Mr. Cluley wrote, the form asks for “…a surprising amount of information: your name, your address, date of birth, driver’s license, your mother’s maiden name.”  But that’s not all!  The scammers then want the customer to also provide credit card information (e.g., security code, password) and even the customer’s credit limit.

Mr. Cluley includes a screen shot of one of these fake emails.  It’s worth going to his article to read the email so you’ll know what it looks like (including the url) in case one comes to you.

Yes, this is an apple with a worm — a scam to be avoided at all costs.