Back on August 17th, I ran a blog to help parents protect their child’s personal information at school (“Helpful” Homework for Parents: FTC’s Guidance on Protecting Your Child’s Information at School”).  The school year is underway and I wanted to reiterate those points and highlight additional Federal Trade Information (FTC) information that has been posted by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA).

CFA has posted an article by Steve Toporoff, who is an Attorney in the FTC’s Division of Privacy and Identity Protection.  Mr. Toporoff’s article is titled “Getting Ready for Back to School?  Learn How to Protect Your Child’s Personal Information” (  He cites to additional FTC links that provide excellent background information on this specific issue, as well as related topics, that will be of interest and use to parents.

Additionally, the CFA’s website ( is an excellent source for insights and information on an array of identity theft and identity protection topics. If you aren’t yet familiar with their website, I encourage you to read and bookmark it.

Now that’s an easy, useful and worthwhile homework assignment for parents ….