This alert is for Android owners who haven’t yet downloaded Flash Player, but still want to do so.  As you may already know, Adobe stopped distributing the Android Flash Player to new Android users via Google Play.  There’s going to be a new Android product being used instead of Flash Player.

So if you hadn’t downloaded Flash Player via Google Play as of August 15th, you can no longer do so.  Here’s where the scam artists found yet another opportunity as Lucian Constantin describes in his excellent article (www.; “Cybercriminals take advantage of Android Flash Player Gap on Google Play”).

As Mr. Constantin writes, the thieves know that Android users who still want Flash Player may head to the Internet to find other sites offering downloads.  Here’s the “Gotcha!”  Some of these sites are the scams — people who download them will get Trojan apps and adware installed.  These devices create multiple unwelcome and unanticipated problems when installed.  Mr. Constantin describes the problems other security experts have identified including creating system problems for the unsuspecting Android users; having seemingly legitimate ads pop up repeatedly; and driving web traffic to sites so the scammer developers can receive pay-per-click revenue.

So if you still want Flash Player for your Android, please protect yourself and your personal information by reading Mr. Constantin’s article.  Don’t let yourself become a victim of these scams.