More and more people are writing about the devastating hacking Mat Honan experienced.  I posted several articles last week and security experts continue to provide very concrete advice.  I found an excellent article that summarizes some of the privacy/security tips I previously mentioned along with some new advice.

John D. Sutter has compiled 5 tips in his article, “How to protect your cloud data from hacks”(  In it he summarizes tips from Robert Siciliano who is an online security expert at McAfee.  Mr. Sutter lists Mr. Siciliano’s explanation of what it means to “daisy chain” one’s accounts (i.e., using your Google account to log into, for example, your Facebook account) and what it takes to “reverse engineer” that connection.

Mr. Sutter repeats the advice others are consistently offering — that being, do not use the “Find My Mac” function.  That is an appealing function since it helps you track down your laptop if it’s lost or stolen.  But he, like others have, explains the reasons you don’t want to do so — and why doing so could actually help whoever stole your laptop.

Mr. Sutter’s article is a handy “top tips” summary and I urge you to read it even if only to confirm the steps you need to take.  Mr. Honan did a service by publicizing his hacking disaster as it’s resulted in excellent information being shared.