It’s been nearly a month after the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) breach was publicized.  I wanted to give everyone the latest update from the TSP since many account holders are understandably still concerned about becoming identity theft victims.  Eric Yoder, in today’s Washington Post, reports on the latest update (page B4, “No sign of data misuse since breach, TSP says”).

Mr. Yoder reports on the presentation yesterday (June 25th), by Greg Long, the TSP Executive Director. Mr. Long told the TSP governing board that TSP had not “to date” seen any indications that the personal information of the hacked accounts has been misused.  Mr. Long said the TSP continues monitoring the 123,201 investor accounts that had been hacked — although he doesn’t provide any details about how that is being done.

Moreover, there’s still no word from the FBI or the TSP on how or when the breach was detected —which would provide some useful, if not totally comforting, information for account holders. The TSP posts updates about the breach on its website ( so check that periodically as well.

Hackers are smart, have plenty of time and could still be holding onto the personal information to be used later on — when they think people believe there’s no longer any danger.

So stay vigilant about your TSP account — and keep an eye on your other financial and personal accounts to see if there are unauthorized or suspicious charges or deductions.