More and more tips are being shared about how to strengthen passwords in light of the hacking of over 6 million LinkedIn passwords last week.  Samantha Murphy talked about the LastPass service in her June 6th blog (“How to Check If Your LinkedIn Password Was Stolen.”)

She talked about going to LastPass, a free service where you can check if your password is among the ones stolen.  I had already changed my LinkedIn password but wanted to see how LastPass works.

It’s easy, safe and fast.  Here’s how it works:

  • Go to their site and type in your password.  The site is:
  • Your password’s converted into SHA-1 hashmarks.
  • Using those hashmarks, LastPass searches for your password among the list of the 6.5 million leaked password hashes.
  • You immediately get an answer — a box appears saying whether your LinkedIn password was among the ones stolen.

Hopefully you’ve changed your LinkedIn password by now.  But, if not, going to LastPass to find out if your password was stolen should add any additional encouragement you might need.