I’m not a fan, at all, of the “misery loves company” school of thinking. So it’s no comfort to know that my LinkedIn password might be among the millions that was just hacked.

The news reports said that LinkedIn would be sending emails to affected account holders with the steps to take.  A key warning was not to follow a link in an email since that could be a scammer.

I didn’t want to wait for an email alert and you shouldn’t either.  I changed my password ASAP last night and want to share the top 5 tips for being able to do so quickly.

The first 2 tips come from my experience last night. The others come from Vicente Silveira’s June 6th blog.  I just picked 3 of his tips and the rest are included in his blog which can be found at Brian Krebs’ blog (www.krebsonsecurity.com).

So here are tips for changing your password asap:

1. I could access my LinkedIn account so didn’t have to login with my password.  I went to the bottom of the home page, hit “Help” and found the FAQ about “Change Your Password.”

2. I hit that FAQ, was able to go to the “Settings” page and changed my password.  I did so by following Mr. Silveira’s tips.  You get to those tips by first accessing his June 6th blog and then going to the link included at the bottom of that first blog.

Here are 3 of Mr. Silveira’s tips for a stronger password:

3. Have a password of, at least, 10 characters. That might be obvious but many of us were schooled in the “8 character” password approach.

4. Randomly include cap letters, punctuation and symbols throughout the password.

5. Substitute numbers for letters that look similar (ex: 3 for the letter E).

Mr. Silveria’s tips might be obvious to many of you but I found all of them helpful reminders of how to craft stronger passwords.