Great news for those of you who love to Twitter but don’t want to be tracked.  Ed Felton, the Chief Technology Officer for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), announced yesterday (May 17th) that Twitter is voluntarily adding a “Do Not Track” option in its web browser.   Right now, if a Twitter user goes to another website and hits, for example, the “like” button, Twitter can monitor which websites the Twitter user has visited.

Twitter’s “Do Not Track” option will first apply only to Mozilla’s Firefox browser.   But Twitter said it expects to expand the policy to other major browsers.

This is very welcome news.  As I’ve mentioned before, the FTC is working with other social media and Internet providers on a voluntary “Do Not Track” option.  So the “opt out” option being offered by Twitter is another step toward providing social media users with the ability to travel the Internet while protecting their privacy.