In my “Global Payments” blog yesterday, I said that I’d go to their website and see what I could learn.

I went to their website: and this is what I learned —- almost nothing new.

Their website says — and I’m summarizing here  — that:

  • It’s safe for us to continue using our credit and debit cards;
  • They’ve got a full investigation underway;
  • They don’t think the breach goes back further but no, they’re not providing the dates of the breach;
  • They are, however, going to continue to provide card numbers to the card banks and other 3rd parties if or as they learn more;
  • There are 5 “best practices” that we can all follow to protect our cards; and
  • Yes, we should contact our card issuing bank or other financial institution if we see suspicious activity on any of our credit and debit cards.

There’s a “Customer” tab at the top of the page with more information.   But, bottom line, the Global Payments public statements are that we, consumers, don’t have anything to worry about.

I’m going to keep an eye on their site because the information trickling out from them doesn’t seem consistent with the scope of the problem being reported in the press and on blogs (see,