This breach only gets worse — and we all need to keep an eye out for alerts from the banks that issue our credit and debit cards.

On March 30th and April 2nd, I wrote about the hackers who broke into Global Payments, Inc. systems and got access to credit and debit card numbers.  Originally, Global Payments was alerting the banks that the hackers only had access to cards between January 21 and February 25, 2012.  Bad, but seemingly contained.

Well, that turns out to have been wrong — very wrong.  Brian Krebs ( reported yesterday about information he’s received.  MasterCard and Visa have now issued at least 7 updates to their issuing banks warning them that the Global Payments hacking goes back to June 2011.

This means untold numbers of additional credit and debit card numbers could have been accessed.  Again, Global Payments isn’t issuing any statements but this time, at least, they’re posting information on their website.

The Global Payments site is:  I’m going to go to it and I’ll post information about what I find there.

I wish I could say that this will be the last “Global Payments” blog I’ll have to post — but that seems sadly unrealistic at this point.

Stay tuned and stay alert to mailings from your bank.