Here’s a quick “heads up” about  a new free service that was just announced.  USA Today ran a story today titled “Free tool rates Facebook app privacy”(by Byron Achoido, Money, Section B, page B1).

The tool is called Privacyscore for Facebook and could be a very helpful tool for consumers.  Privacyscore reviewed the privacy policies and tracking practices of over 200 of the top Facebook apps to see how well they protect consumers privacy.  

How is the privacy grade reached?  Per Mr. Acholido’s article, Privacyscore starts with a top score of 100. Points are then deducted if,for example, an app:

  • shares data with an excessive number of entities that do tracking online or 
  • doesn’t honor consumer deletion requests or 
  • doesn’t provide consumers with an “opt-out” option (so their information isn’t tracked or collected) or
  • if it stores consumers personal information for long periods. 

Mr. Achohido’s article listed the privacy scores for several of the most popular apps.  If you’re interested in learning how Privcyscore works, you can go to and watch the video posted there.  Then you can decide if Privacyscore is a service that’s of use to you.