Is there anything we can’t do on our mobile devices? It almost seemed like a science fiction story when years and years ago, we heard that someday we’d be using our phones for handling banking and other financial transactions.

Well, as we know, that day is here.  A March 2012 story by Joshua Zumbrun ( quotes a Federal Reserve survey report that found nearly 21% of U.S. consumers had used a mobile phone to access a a bank account or a credit card or some other type of financial information for the 12 months ending in January 2012.   And as our lives get only busier, it’s really appealing to be able to multi-task on the run (literally or figuratively).

Faster mobile banking may make our lives easier but we still have to be pro-active about privacy and security.  There are easy steps that will help us protect our personal and financial information while we bank using mobile devices.  Robert Siciliano has written several very helpful articles providing key “to do” tips on this issue.  His articles are posted at:  His article today is titled “Banking-How to Balance Security and Convenience with Online and Mobile Banking.”  If you hit “read more” you’ll also find another one of his articles titled “Safe Banking on Mobile Devices.”  Consumer Reports ( also provides very practical information —search for the article titled “Banking by Cellphone” as it provides tips to protect your smart phone.  And don’t forget to look at federal regulatory agency websites.  The FDIC, for example ( has posted very helpful brochures and articles.