Who would be so craven as to steal the SSNs of children and then use it for criminal purposes?  Tragically, there are more criminals out there doing this than we can imagine.  Stealing and using a child’s SSN has such long term ramifications — especially as the theft and subsequent use might not be known until the child is older and needs to use her SSN.

How does this happen?  And what are the potential results?  Denise Richardson has posted an excellent article on this important issue.  It’s titled “Children and Identity Theft” and is on FraudAvengers.org.  I’m now a “Guest Blogger” on the same site and posted a blog today to give more pro-active advice about protecting SSNs.  I’ve cited to the SSA and Privacy Rights Organization websites in my blog since both list information providing information about specific instances when we are and — even more importantly — are not legally required to provide our SSNs.

It is almost impossible to stay ahead of the criminals but there are ways that we can try and protect ourselves as well as our families.  Being informed so we’re equipped to know when to say “no” to providing our SSN is an important step in protecting ourselves.