You might be even if you don’t think so!  The “zombie” I’m talking about isn’t a visitor you’d ever intentionally invite into your home.  This “zombie” is what a computer can turn into when we click on some malicious link or file that we’ve received —we wouldn’t, obviously,do so if we knew the havoc this would cause.  Our computer then becomes controlled by some criminal who wants to use our computer for endless criminal ends (getting our passwords or grabbing any and all of our personal information —including credit card numbers and any other financial information we store on our computer).

Gerald Smith on the Huffington Post has an excellent story about the impact of these “zombies” as well as about some good news (  You’ll want to read his article talking about the voluntary code of conduct that the Federal Communications Commission just announced on March 22nd.  The code of conduct is being adopted by some of biggest Internet service providers in order to fight these “zombies” that, once captured, become part of networks of other “zombies”.

We might not be able to see these “zombies” but it is nice to know there are people, agencies and companies out there fighting them for us.