So I’ve talked before about the “remember me” button that is a standard feature on most websites. Many of us will hit “yes” because we just have too many user names and passwords to remember and it’s just easier and more efficient to have the website remember that for us. Instant login certainly can beat, sometimes, rummaging around for the piece (or pieces) of paper on which we wrote one or more passwords.

But we’re learning that the need for passwords might no longer exist sometime in the future. What an appealing idea!

Randall Stross wrote in the Sunday Business section of the March 18th New York Times (“Digital Domain”, page 7) about research about to be funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a part of the Defense Department. As described by Mr. Stross, the research is intended for military uses. But, as he notes, these types of 3 technologies often then migrate into the non-military world.

The article says that the technology research wouldn’t involve biometric identification means but would be other means by which users would be identified without having to use a password. Experts are looking at what’s called “computer behavior” — what motions users undertake at a computer.

It might be aways off for non-military purposes, but it’s worth learning about. Check out Mr. Stross’ article and let me know what you think about the technologies being envisioned.